Accessible Prophecy 

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Accessible Prophecy is a ministry that has grown out of St Thomas’ Church Philadelphia in Sheffield, UK and is also part of Cascade Network. Our main aim is to make prophecy normal and available in every day life. We believe that everyone was created to hear God’s voice, and that God desires to speak to all of us.

We love helping individuals and churches alike grow in hearing from God, and helping the prophetic become a healthy part of church culture. Along with our coaching huddles, we run prophetic learning communities for church groups across the globe, as well as running a course called The Prophecy Course that helps people of all backgrounds understand the basics of prophecy and what it looks like to take a hold of it today.

the prophecy course 

Churches across the world are finding The Prophecy Course to be a great resource for equipping and training people in prophecy.

All Christians can learn to hear God’s voice, and The Prophecy Course is designed to be very accessible, so that even someone with very little experience of prophecy can engage with it. The course gives people a solid, biblical foundation for their understanding of the prophetic, and the confidence to step out and use the gift of prophecy.

It’s an 8- week (or 8 session) course and each week has a mixture of interactive teaching, group discussion and practical activations. The ‘Pack’ consists of DVDs, pupil workbooks, and a course-leader’s book. Subjects include: Understanding Prophecy, Learning to Hear God’s voice, Weighing Prophecies, Prophetic Ministry.


Coaching huddles are a unique discipleship and training vehicle, which allow participants to go beyond the information in a book or at a conference and begin to practically apply key principles for hearing God, both personally and in their ministry.

Coaching huddles provide a context for growth in the prophetic in relation to covenant identity and kingdom responsibility. They follow a framework based around a biblical approach to prophecy and ensure that participants not only have a thorough understanding of the ministry, but also the confidence to step out and use the gift.

Coaching huddles provide the opportunity to learn, grow and be stretched in prophetic ministry in a supportive and prayerful environment, where the focus is very much about deepening our relationship with God.

Developing a Prophetic Culture in Your Church 

A practical Workshop

Many churches today want to embrace the prophetic ministry, but have valid questions, such as:

How can we grow prophecy but also keep things ‘safe’?
How do we demystify the prophetic and make it accessible for everyone? What’s the best way to encourage and release prophetic people?

This workshop will examine the importance and role of prophetic ministry within church communities. It will look at strategies to help everyone in the church learn to hear God’s voice as well as identifying those people who are gifted in the prophetic and helping them to steward their gift well.

This workshop is suited to ministry and volunteer leaders who are interested in growing the prophetic culture in their church.