Catalyse Change is a charity led by Rich Robinson, which empowers leaders to realise their personal vision, bring significant transformation, and see lasting impact in the communities and organisations they lead. 

Founded on an approach of integrity and intentionality, Catalyse Change coaches a wide range of churches and organisations around the world in the principles of discipleship, leadership, community and mission. 

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The Good Soil Collective / Te Waka One Pai is a whanau of diverse Christian leaders who share a passion for mission and discipleship. We’re made up of church pastors, pioneering leaders, and everyday followers of Jesus,  from different denominations and organisations. The Good Soil Collective are commited to learn from the experiences and processes that people beyond our shores have found to be fruitful in discipleship; but we also feel that for Aotearoa to see a far-reaching discipleship movement take root in our land, that we need to have deep indigenous and home-grown roots.  That means we will take Maori perspectives seriously in the way we work, we’ll take into account the history and whakapapa of this land, and we’ll be attentive to any issues that are specifically “Kiwi” in nature.
A waka is a kind of Maori Canoe that requires all of those on board to pick up their respective oar (“kaihapai”) and each do their part to get the boat moving. This is exactly how we see the Good Soil Collective becoming a movement. 

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