Huddle Leaders Guide

Huddle Leaders Guide


It can feel daunting know where to start with leading a Huddle. There are so many different things you can do, so many places you could take the people you’re investing in. You’ve been in a Huddle…but leading one is something else altogether! The Huddle Leader Guide provides a flexible, freedom in a framework that takes you through the first year of your Huddle. It is the perfect resource to walk alongside of Building a Discipling Culture as you take this journey. The Guide includes three parts:

Part 1 | Before you Begin

Purpose of this Leader Guide
How to use the Leader Guide
What is a Huddle?
Spiritual Formation Process
Trusting the Process
Content + Context
Value of the Tools
Huddle is not Discipleship
Calibrating Invitation + Challenge
Before your Huddle begins
Framework and Freedom
Sample Huddle outline

Part 2 | Year 1 Framework

Interval 1: Invitation + Challenge
Interval 2: Spiritual breakthrough
Interval 3: Scripture defining reality
Interval 4: Rhythms of Life
Interval 5: Balanced and deepening relationships
Interval 6: Multiplying missional disciples
Interval 7: Personal calling
Interval 8: Prayer
Interval 9: Communal spiritual health
Interval 10: Relational mission

Part 3 | After Year 1 + Appendix

What does Huddle look like after the first year?
Huddle on mission suggested ideas
Character/Skills questions

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